The city of the future is made by present decisions,

be part of the HOLISTIC APPROACH.



A tool that gathers news, technical knowledge,
selected case studies and best practices
on the City Sciences field.
A meeting point for City Scientists networking.



The platform arises as a means to join diverse profiles
and talents, empowering the members of this new profession,
the City Scientist.



Professionals with a holistic view of the city,
who are able to address potential needs
or issues within the urban context, coming from
different professional backgrounds and cultures.



Up to now the Master in City Sciences (UPM) in Madrid
has been the meeting point for GCS team,
now expanding through the support of multiple knowledge institutions.


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¨Assembling minds, building cities¨

The Master in City Sciences has been a meeting point for professionals with deep inquisitiveness around the urban environment, coming from different backgrounds and cultures and showing a great performance in their past experience related with cities issues. The Master in City Sciences training has provided a holistic view to complete the previous partial understanding of the complex technologies and processes that shape our cities of today.

The result is the conception of cities that are designed and renewed globally thinking locally, addressing the specific needs of each place in a complex process of vision, analysis and project that promotes sustainable, efficient and participatory solutions. Problems, ranging from single micro-interventions to metropolitan scale plans, are tackled from the design of measures to maximize the synergy between economy, technology, urban planning, engineering and citizen participation. A global view of the city that believes in cities of the future.

From this  approach  Smart and City online platform came up. The aim of the platform is to be an international reference in all fields addressed in the current concept of city sciences and promote the creation of a new profession, “City Scientists”, in two ways: disseminating reference contents in this field and establishing an international network of professionals. It is open to collaborations from City Scientists worldwide.  At the same time, the platform will support an alumni for future Master students.

Collecting and sharing knowledge is only part of the cycle, reaching a recognized position in this field will support the consolidation of this new profession. The platform will be developed by a group of this future City Scientists who have participated in the first edition of the Master in City Sciences. This group will manage the platform providing it a holistic view from the Master to future projects in cities. A multidisciplinary team addressing the projects in a transversal way, a point of cohesion of disciplines that traditionally are dealt with separately, delivering innovative and scalable solutions based upon industry standards and good practices, collaborative work and state-of-the-art knowledge.

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