In Smart&City we develop transversal projects with multidisciplinary teams in all areas related to smart cities. Our network gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and identify opportunities that allow us to offer help and support in projects related to improving the quality of life and the services in the cities. We are currently working on several projects related to mobility, governance, citizen participation and ITS, providing technical and commercial support to various projects.

Smart&City offers technical and advisory solutions for the urban context from an integrated perspective, avoiding the usual and more traditional sectorial approach. Cities are unique systems where multiple dimensions’ overlap, making synergies and externalities essential in the consideration of any planned.

Smart_Movi (powered by MOVi-TeC)

Cities use Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for traffic management. An ITS collects traffic data from sensors scattered across a city and transforms them into information to make decisions in order to preserve the traffic flow and detect incidents in real time.
Smart_Movi is an ITS technology. It is a software for traffic monitoring based only on video analysis.


Smart&City is working with the nonprofit association Mobilidad Activa in the project Bicistema. The aim is to consolidate the cycling infrastructure as comprehensive transportation system, through the design and implementation of equipment for bicycle and public space network. The solution is addressed especially to Latin American cities.

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Tool based on the most common indicators and methodologies of the international market to identify opportunities for improvement in their assessment, gaps in data availability and business opportunities / public-private collaboration municipalities and companies. This is a long-term project, the first pilot tool is scheduled in 2017.


It is a strategic development plan, social responsibility and opportunities of UPM to improve the quality of life of users of the campus and its transformation into a living lab for innovative projects which integrate digital native university community. It is part of the initiative of the “city of the future” of UPM. Smart&City is providing technical and scientific support.